Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas in Portuguese Settlement, Malacca

The best Christmas 2009 experience so far for me is here....Portuguese settlement also know as 'Mini Lisbon' in Malacca. I spent 2 nights here since my friend was going back home for the celebrations. Was also invited for a Christmas eve dinner in his home. Home cook Portuguese eurasian food like Devil curry(my favourite), pork pies, roast stuff chicken, portuguese baked fish and some authentic food like curry Feng made with chicken liver and pig's cheeks & ears. Of course not forgetting the beer and wine.

The whole settlement was brightly lighted with decorations.
Each home had their different lights and decorative design.

A lighted Christmas tree at the entrance to the settlement.
Fireworks at 12am on Christmas day 25th Dec 2009

My friend's family home and the place I had the best home cook food. Thanks again to you Trevor Sta Maria.

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